December 11, 2020

Access to the Library and the Image Library

Under the current COVID-19 situation, access to the Library and the Image Library are limited to students and faculty members of the university.
Thank you for your understanding.

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For VisitorsVisiting the Library

Individuals not associated with the university may visit the library from 10:00 to 16:00 on Wednesdays and Fridays. No visits are permitted on closed days.
Please check the library calendar before applying.
Library Calendar (Japanese Only)

Advance application is required to visit the library. Please fill out the application form two weeks before your preferred visit date.
Before submitting an application, be sure to read the guidelines above the form.
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MAU M&L Original Apps

  • MAU M&L 博物図譜
  • MAU M&L 3D image of Modern Design Chair Collection
  • やきものの在処
  • MAU-PIAZZA VRムサビキャンパス—芦原義信による初期校舎をめぐる