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Textiles in Everyday Life — Clothing, Wrapping, Folding

Folk Art

Folk Art Gallery

Exhibitions & Events

November 25, 2019(Mon)〜December 21, 2019(Sat)

Folk Art Gallery Exhibition 27 Textiles in Everyday Life — Clothing, Wrapping, Folding

Folk Art Gallery Past

From ancient times to the present, textiles have been part of everyday life; but materials, patterns, techniques and uses have changed as our lives have changed. Natural fibers including linen, cotton, and threads spun made from silkworm cocoons have been used as clothing for our bodies, as wrappings for things we transport, both folded and put away when not needed. While introducing materials, patterns, and techniques, this exhibition also explores the many different roles that textiles play in people’s lives, using primarily examples in our Gallery collection from Japan’s period of rapid economic growth.

November 25, 2019(Mon)-December 21, 2019(Sat)
Sundays, national holidays
Musashino Art University 13 Building 2F Folk Art Gallery
Musashino Art University Museum & Library


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Musashino Art University Museum&Library