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June 07, 2019(Fri)-June 08, 2019(Sat)

Shimizu Takashi— Plaster Models and Postwar Documents (Phase III)

International Conference “Bourdelle’s Impact in East Asia”

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June 07, 2019(Fri)-June 08, 2019(Sat)

Musashino Art University Museum, Museum Hall


Admission Free / no reservation required / Please come to the reception desk


100 people


Excutive Committee of International Conference “Bourdelle’s Impact in East Asia” at Musashino Art University Museum & Library


Pola Art Foundation, Nomura Foundation


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Musashino Art University Museum&Library


What is the “Human Figure” in the sculpture of Shimizu Takashi?
This issue will be considered retrospectively to Bourdelle, from whom Shimizu learned, and Bourdelle’s impact in East Asia will be discussed in cooperation with foreign researchers.

Program (All titles are tentative.)
June, 7th (Friday)
10:00~  Registration
Section I. Introductory Talk
①Kurokawa Hirotake (Professor, Musashino Art Uni-versity) :Art Education of Shimizu Takashi / “Study the realism on the truth”
②Park Hyounggook (Professor, Musashino Art University) :Professional Art Education at Teikoku Art School and East Asian Overseas Students 
③Hironaka Satoko (Curator, Itabashi Art Museum) :Shimizu Takashi and Avant Garde at Teikoku Art School

Section II. Keynote Lecture:The School of Bourdelle – Grande Chaumière 
Amèrie Simier (Director, Musèe Bourdelle, Paris) :« Il faut briser tous les moules de l’enseignement. »À l’école de Bourdelle – Quel enseignement Bour-delle dispense-t-il à ses élèves ?
②Inoue Yuri (Researcher, Yatsugatake Museum of Art) :Japanese Artists Who Studied with Bourdelle

Section III.:Bourdelle’s Impact in East Asia
①Tanaka Shūji (Professor, Oita University) : Bourdelle’s Impact on Japan
②Kim Yisoon (Professor, Hongik University, Seoul) :Bourdelle’s Impact on Korea——Representational Sculpture, Another Path: Bourdelle’s Influence on Korean Contemporary Art
③Cao Qinghui (Professor, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing) :Bourdelle’s Impact on China——Chinese overseas students and French sculpture master Bourdelle

June, 8th (Saturday)
10:00~ Registration
Section IV:Human figure in the Modern East Asian Art
①Wei Lai (Doctoral course, Musashino Art University) :The Imaginary Body: Nudity of hybridity in Chinese École de Paris Modernist Sanyus’ works
②Im Seokkyu (Chief Researcher, Research Institute for Cultural Properties of Buddism, Seoul) :Dry lacquer sculptures and Buddha statue sculptures by Kwon Jin kyu
③Fujii Akira (Senior Curator, Kodaira Hirakushi Denchū Art Museum) :Representation of the Body in Three dimensional Figures in Premodern Japan

Section V:Panel Discussion 
①Human Figure in modern East Asian sculpture and Bourdelle
Facilitator:Park Hyounggook
Panelist: TTakahashi Kōji (Lecturer, Musashino Art University), Masubuchi Kyōko (Curator, Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art), Im Seokkyu, Wei Lai, Fujii Akira
②“Bourdelle / Sculpture” now?
Facilitator:Azby Brown (Lecturer, Musashino Art University)
Panelist:Okazaki Kenjirō (Gest Professor, Musashino Art University), Tsukasaki Miho(Curator, Yatsugatake Museum of Art), Amèrie Simier, Cao Qinghui, Kim Yisoon
③Question and Answer Session
Facilitator:Kurokawa Hirotake