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The birth of Teikoku Art School—Seigo Kinbara and His Comrades


July 15, 2020


■美術館:「令和元年度 武蔵野美術大学 卒業・修了制作優秀作品展」を開催いたします。
【一般の方へ】 7月5日、12日、19日、26日(いずれも日曜日)11:00-17:00はどなたでもご入館いただけます。一般のご来館の方へのお願い



Exhibitions & Events

October 14, 2019(Mon)〜November 09, 2019(Sat)

Musashino Art University 90th Anniversary Exhibition The birth of Teikoku Art School—Seigo Kinbara and His Comrades

Museum Past

Teikoku Art School, which became Musashino Art University, was founded in 1929 by Seigo Kinbara (1888-1958) and his comrades. They described their educational philosophy as “producing sophisticated artists.” This exhibition introduces how, in pursuit of their ideal for art education while grappling with a variety of issues, they built the foundations of this university. Using Kinbara’s diaries and correspondences, together with paintings from his archives, it presents a realistic image of the university’s founding while focusing on relationships among key individuals.

October 14, 2019(Mon)-November 09, 2019(Sat)
10:00-18:00(Saturday and special opening day 10:00am – 5:00pm)
Sundays, October 24, October 28 and National holidays except Special opening days; October 14, October 27 and November 4.
Musashino Art University Museum Gallery 2, Atrium1
Musashino Art University Museum & Library


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Musashino Art University Museum&Library